The Fire fighting simulation option in XVR On Scene will be greatly improved. Because of their size and the complexity of their behaviour, wildfires are challenging subjects for both virtual simulation as well as extinguishing. The new options have been developed in cooperation with partners and customers in various countries for XVR On Scene.

Firefront with different stages

The Wildfire add-on is developed according to the XVR philosophy that the instructor should have maximum control over the scenario. The instructor can now draw different stages of a wildfire ‘firefront’ in XVR. By configuring several different parameters, the instructor will be able to modify the nature, size and behaviour of the wildfire.  Speed and depth of the firefront and smoke colour are examples of adaptable components.

As soon as the participant takes action to extinguish the wildfire, the instructor determines how the fire will react. The participant is for example able to order extinguishing actions and create firelines with a bulldozer. In the XVR environments that are suitable for wildfires, vegetation will look burned and the ground will look scorched after passing of the fire front.

Advanced Wildfire simulation

Besides the added Wildfire functionality in XVR On Scene, XVR Simulated training also allows for even further expansion of the functionalities. In close collaboration with partner PONT Research Centre in Valabre, France, XVR has developed the option to link XVR On Scene to IGNIS, a wildfire behaviour simulator. This simulator generates realistic and automated wildfire behaviour, based on type of vegetation, humidity, height profile, etc. To get the most out of the IGNIS-simulator, it is also possible to generate large-scale virtual environments based on geographic data.

Especially with regard to large-scale wildfires, involving pilots in the training is key, so pilots can be trained in gathering information from the air, communicating with emergency services on the ground and dropping of water or retardants. To provide pilots with a realistic training it is possible to link XVR On Scene with Microsoft Flight Simulator. That way, pilots will be able to practice on their own instruments, while they see the realistic wildfire environment of XVR On Scene.

The wildfire simulation will be added to XVR On Scene in 2017. If you are interested in expanding with IGNIS and Microsoft Flight Simulator, please contact your account manager.

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